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We appreciate each and every one of you for the support over the years, whether it be sharing the page, contributing to it, or just using the website as a resource.  Our goal is to bring you the very best and most comprehensive event calendar in the country, the most accurate U.S. Rankings available, as well as a team map and some of the best supplements available on the market to help you make gains in the sport.  The easiest way to help support the brand is to check out the phenomenal products we’ve discovered from our newest sponsor from any of the links below.

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Let’s start with NUTRITION.  In order to perform at your best, you need to be in good health. The human body generally does not fully absorb vitamins and minerals that are provided through manufactured supplements as it can tell that they are not natural.  We have found the ultimate nutritional supplements created from the world’s most advanced nutrition technology.  Using NutriGenesis®, these vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are grown to be structurally identical to those we get from food, so your body cannot tell the difference which results in full absorption, providing superior nutrition.

Offering a complete multi-vitamin for both men and women, as well as targeted minerals such as ENERGY, FLEX for your joints, and OMEGA-3, as well as and organic MCT Energy Oil, you can find the perfect balance to help you achieve your goals.


Next, let’s talk about PRE-WORKOUT.  Armwrestling is a strength sport, so naturally we get results from the gym.  Having energy and motivation is key to making gains, and this drink gives you exactly that.  Offering a long-lasting, clean energy with no jitters or crash, this formula provides just what you need without the additional “pump” that you want to avoid during competition which allows you to perform longer.  The berry flavor is decent, but just bad enough for you to know it’s healthy.


FAT-LOSS is something we all want.  In the sport of armwrestling, many people cut a bit of weight to compete in specific weight classes.  We have found something to help burn more fat and build more muscle than with diet and exercise alone.  This formula supercharges 3 key pathways that work in synergy to produce dramatic lean-muscle body results.  1. Helps burn more calories during exercise and at rest, blocks fat storage and improves appetite control.  2.  Boosts strength, endurance and intensity during training for greater fitness gains.  3.  Preserves muscle through calorie-restricted training, improves lean muscle growth and accelerates recovery.


BRAINPOWER & FOCUS are quite the big deal when it comes to competition.  Table IQ is one of the most important factors in having success in armwrestling, and is often neglected as far as supplementation.  We have found the world’s smartest brain supplement, in fact, it’s the only brain supplement scientifically proven to work!  Stay sharp, stay focused, and perform at your peak.