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Armfighter Apparel

The official store for High$Dollar Entertainment’s merchandise and event apparel.  Get your event t-shirt, new designs, or team apparel to support the Armfighter movement!

NatFit Supplements

NatFit’s variety of Proteins, Fruits & Greens, and their BCAA flavors are enjoyed by the masses and every activity level. Protein pancakes are a major hit! Ever had Glazed Donut Protein Pancakes? How about Strawberry Protein milk over cereal? Or perhaps, Blueberry Muffin Protein in your oatmeal in the mornings? You do not have to be a gym rat to enjoy this line of products.

Discount Code: ARMFIGHTER10

Freeze Sleeve

COLD THERAPY TREATMENT!  The Freeze Sleeve provides the correct temperature, even coverage, and custom sizing so you the perfect, flexible fit to treat pain as well as reduce inflammation and overall recovery time.

Coupon Code: ARMFIGHTER20

Frog Fuel

Designed to be the most powerful protein in the world, Frog Fuel uses nano hydrolyzed collagen in a super portable, ready-to-drink complete protein that also boosts your immune system. It’s been developed by Navy Seals and is proudly made in America.

Coupon code:  ARMFIGHTER20

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