Equipment and Accessories

Armfighter Apparel

The official store for High$Dollar Entertainment's merchandise and event apparel.  Get your event t-shirt, new designs or team apparel to support the movement!

EZREAL Armwrestling Club

Using only the best materials, Ezreal Armwrestling Club brings quality training equipment for the most serious to the newest arm-wrestlers in North America and abroad.  And they stand behind their quality equipment with a 2 year warranty.

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Country Crush

Founded in late 2014, Country Crush provides some of the best training handles on the market, and has sold thousands of units to fitness enthusiasts all over the country.

Coupon Code: HD10

Freeze Sleeve

COLD THERAPY TREATMENT!  The Freeze Sleeve provides the correct temperature, even coverage and custom sizing so you the the perfect, flexible fit to treat pain as well as reduce inflammation and overall recovery time.

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StrongerGrip is really all about you.  The pursuit of strength and health.  Having fun while doing this and the long lost art of quality craftsmanship. StrongerGrip is about overcoming obstacles, beating the odds, living life with passion and chasing your dreams at all costs. Hammer Down and kick some ass.

AW Graphic Design

The Official Store for the armwrestling design king himself, Hector Beltrán.

Browse awesome new designs and grab yourself some unique armwrestling gear!

Legacy Tables

Legacy Tables are created and manufactured by Steve Baldwin. USA Made. Legacy Tables offer a variety of strength and gym equipment while also having customization options.

Position Fitness

A new company founded by an MIT Bootcamp alum and fitness industry expert, Position Fitness is dedicated to making smarter products for athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts.  Check out their amazing liquid chalk, used and approved by WAL Champion, Michael Todd!

Mazurenko Equipment

Igor Mazurenko has been know for many things in the sport of armwrestling, including having his name on some of the most popular training equipment on the planet.  Check out their extensive line of products.

Supplements and Nutrition


Jamie Sheldon’s nickname in the sport of Professional Armwrestling is “The Natural”. He wanted something simple and catchy, so he decided on NATFIT for this amazing supplement line that delivers great products at low prices, and with excellent service. Even Delivery.

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Frog Fuel

Designed to be the most powerful protein in the world, Frog Fuel uses nano hydrolyzed collagen in a super portable, ready-to-drink complete protein that also boosts your immune system. It's been developed by Navy Seals, is proudly made in America and you can save 20% with the discount code ARMFIGHTER20 on your next purchase.

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ZEAL is a healthy, nutritional drink with 50 functional superfoods, vitamins and minerals that is scientifically proven to make you feel better.  They've also created a line of supplements and protein which are essential to supporting a healthy and active lifestyle. Try it RISK-FREE!

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Do you make or sell armwrestling tools, equipment or supplements?

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