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The official store for Armfighter apparel with designs by High$Dollar Entertainment. One of the easiest ways to support the Armfighter movement is by rocking one of our t-shirts at your next practice and/or event. Keep an eye out for discounts every month.

Health & Nutrition Supplements

The human body does not absorb many of the ingredients found in artificial nutrition supplements. Performance Lab® has found a way to grow "nature-identical" nutrients so that your body cannot tell the difference, allowing full absorbtion of the intended vitamins and minerals.

Next-Gen Pre-Workout Formula

The world's first TRUE nootropic enhanced pre-workout drink. Supplying mind + body super-fuel for next-level athletic performance. Unleash your full athletic potential with the smartest pre-workout nutrition ever created.

Armwrestling Tables and Accessories

Professional Regulation-Size Arm Wrestling Tables and Accessories Manufactured By Dan Stroud in Owensville, Indiana. MADE IN THE USA.

Rage Premium Beef Jerky

Our jerky takes you back to the good ol’ days when beef jerky tasted like, well, beef. Our mission at Rage Jerky is to get you back to your primal instinct and forego that mass-produced, not sure it's real beef, "beef jerky". We sell small-batch, 100% USDA certified real beef with six savory flavors to choose from.

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Nu:tropic Smart Energy Bars

Your brain is hungry. Requiring around 20% of your daily calories to function efficiently. Each delicious bar is packed with healthy carbs, fats, protein & prebiotic fiber, as well as clean, bioavailable vitamins & minerals, and advanced form essential brain nutrients. We display all ingredient forms on the label. There are no proprietary blends (hiding dosages). So you know precisely what you are putting into your body.

Burst Oral Care

Super soft charcoal black PBT nylon bristles: specially designed to remove surface stains. BURST Sonic Toothbrushes have been clinically proven to provide up to 91% greater plaque removal vs a manual toothbrush. Make your smile whiter, brighter and more confident.

Discount Code: 64NJXD

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