Training Information

Armwrestling Training

This group is designed for arm wrestlers to share and discuss training techniques. please post as often as possible and keep the discussions flowing! let's all help each other get better!

Armwrestling Training and Techniques

This group is for the Armwrestling community to share their training and technique ideas with each other! If anyone has anything to share please ask to join the group!

Coach Ray & Janis Amolins

Raimonds Liepins teams up with "Jedi" created this channel to help and give knowledge to anyone who is interested in arm wrestling.

How to Win at Armwrestling

Super Heavyweight Armwrestling Champ Travis Bagent talks with Skip Bedell in Las Vegas and offers tips, training strategies and more!

Arm Wrestling Training Camp

Schedule an Arm Wrestling Training Camp or Personalized, one of one, Training with World Champion, Allen Fisher.

Kal from Omnipotent Growth

Multiple Bulgarian National Champ Kaloyan Petrov created this channel to provide functional knowledge and help others grow as armwrestlers.

Strong Arm Tactics

Created for the book:  Strong Arm Tactics: Training and Technique in Competitive Armwrestling, this page offers various videos on strength training.

Armwrestling & Strength Training

Armwrestling and Strength Training is the group to be in if you enjoy learning or informing people about the best ways to get better and strong(er) in Armwrestling, or just in general.

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