Uncle Jon's Arm Wrestling Show

Hosted by Jon Thompson - a competitive arm wrestler in Nova Scotia - along with various armwrestling videos there are new episodes posted on YouTube every Monday and Friday.


An armwrestling podcast from Jody Williams.  You will have to link to him on Facebook to catch him hosting a show, but you could find previous archived shows as well.

WAL This Week

This power podcast centers on the sport of armwrestling and the World Armwrestling League.  Hosted by the iconic Neil Pickup, each week it covers the most current issues and action in the sport today.  The show features lively debates, conversations with the sports biggest Superstars, previews on upcoming matches and a whole lot of opinion.

Derek's Reddit Podcast

Derek Smith reviews Reddit posts on the armwrestling page as well as other topics in this new podcast.  Posted on his YouTube channel as well as Soundcloud.

The Other 98%

A podcast series to shine a light on the armwrestling community as a whole.  From the new pullers to the pros and veterans - everyone is, will be or has been a part of the other 98% at some point in their career.

Beauty & the Beast

A podcast featuring the O.G. Gary Roberts and the true entertainer, Travis Bagent.  You can catch the episodes with other great content on Gary's YouTube channel.


Hand Control Worldwide

Hosted by Joshua Grant and Jon Brown, Hand Control Worldwide is currently the longest standing armwrestling podcast running, although they haven't done a show in some time. Loaded with great content, they have also had a plethora of guests on previous shows that you can find on their YouTube channel as well as their website.

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