Oscar Anderson vs. Justin Cyrulik

Oscar Anderson III, 32, starting pulling in 2015.  Representing St. Louis, MO and 314 Armsports, Oscar is known as the "Stamina King" from entering a plethora of weight classes in tournaments across the country.  He is a workaholic, trains everyday, pulls every week and drives a rig with an Over The Top setup in his truck.  Known for his left hand, this 170 pound machine has heavyweight biceps and doesn't seem to run out of gas - or at least not for long.

In 2018 at the Missouri State Championships, Oscar's left hand defeated long time stud puller and teammate Sterling Miles in his first ever supermatch.  After that, he asked for someone to call him out beacase he was ready to go again.  Oscar now had the supermatch itch and even more reason to train harder.

Well ask and you shall receive.  Quickly stepping up to the challenge, Justin "J.T." Cyrulik, 29 from the farms in Illinois and training out of Central Illinois Arms with Pro Puller Jared Cook, had no qualms taking the match.  Normally walking around 190, Justin has been pulling for a couple years, and has already chalked up a win over Mr. Anderson from the previous Illinois State Championships.  Also finishing 3rd in the Pro Left 198 division behind Bill Logsdon and Brent Rakers at The Strongest Badge in St. Louis in 2018, Justin's left hand is not to be taken lightly.

Athough friends off the table, less than 2 weeks out from the match J.T. had some choice words for The Stamina King:

Not to be outdone, Oscar quickly posted this reply:

Well things seemed to have gotten a bit heated, but all in good fun.  Skip ahead to February 23rd at Brewskeez in O'Fallon, MO and we're about to start the tournament of 101 entries.  But before we do, there's a supermatch that needs to take place - and these guys are ready to battle it out for not only $200 and their award, but for the bragging rights and pride that comes along with the victory.

Well, it was not quite the same result as before.  Did Oscar make bigger gains, or did the weight cut affect Justin's performance?  Is homefield advantage real?  Travel lag?  Maybe it just depends on the day.  Either way, both of these guys are dedicated to the sport and support and show love to everyone involved - I am happy to know both of them and proud to call them my friends.  Without guys like these two, the sport of armwrestling will never continue to grow and gain traction and it's the sportsmanship and comradery that makes everything worth it.

Rest assured J.T. will be back, and stronger than ever.  In the meantime, Oscar had this to say to anyone wanting to listen:

"I did it again!  If someone else wants to try this left, just bring it."

The next local event is at Brewskeez again on June 22nd.  Will someone be stepping up to the plate and if so, who will it be?


--Bill Schumer

Don't forget about The Strongest Badge in St. Louis on July 20th!

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