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The #1 Armwrestling Team in St. Louis!

Gateway Armsports represents some of the best pullers in the St. Louis area.  Formerly 314 Armsports, the team has expanded to include other parts of eastern Missouri as well as western Illinois and continues to show steady growth and improvement with dedicated training and the consistent addition of new members.  We’ve finished as the first place team multiple times in different states.

Train with Team Gateway!

Gateway Armsports is headquartered South County St. Louis, close to JB Park.  Training on some Thursday and most Sunday afternoons, we have members that also meet at Brewskeez Smokehouse & Music in O’Fallon, MO on Thursday nights and some weekends.  Request to join our private Armfighter group or call (314) 266-2662 for more information.

You can also email us at:

How we rank our members:

Based loosely on the original idea from Wes Björnsson, our structure follows the belts of BJJ, with the kid’s ranks at the amateur level and the adult ranks for pro pullers.

This system is designed to let pullers know who they should be learning from. It also gives our members consistent goals to work towards, and a way to tell where they stand in the armwrestling community.  As a member improves, they may receive a stripe as they get closer to advancing.

This is obviously a newer concept, so there will be differences between clubs and competitors.  Hopefully, this structure or one that is similar will be accepted throughout the sport to put everyone on the same playing field.  However, at the very least we feel it’s a step in the right direction to keep people involved and motivated, but most importantly know who to take instruction from.

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