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Here you can find various armwrestling groups and pages located on Facebook.

Armwrestling Training

This group is designed for arm wrestlers to share and discuss training techniques. please post as often as possible and keep the discussions flowing! let's all help each other get better!

Armwrestling Discussion

This group is designed for arm wrestlers to discuss the sport in general and not be training specific.

Armwrestling Training and Techniques

This group is for the Armwrestling community to share their training and technique ideas with each other! If anyone has anything to share please do!

Armwrestling Engin

Closed group, available to those interested.

Armwrestler's Network

Armwrestler's Network's purpose is to connect Armwrestler's to other Armrestler's for practices, League Events, and Sponsorship opportunities! If you have a regular practice in your area please post it! If you are promoting an event or know of an event please post it! If you know of any company's looking to sponsor an armwrestler to grow their business please post it! Together we can make this sport bigger and better than ever and we will all reap the rewards as it grows! If you are new to the sport or returning to the sport please introduce yourself to the group! Pull On!

Armwrestling Addicts

This is a spot for you arm-bending freaks to give advice, ask advice, organize matches, brag to the community about how awesome you are or call out your next match!


Armwrestling videos and photos from
the YouTube channel of Alex Toproll.


This group is dedicated to the men and woman that helped to make the sport what it is today! Armwrestling has evolved through the years and we should remember the historical efforts, determination, and hard work that the legends of the sport have put forth to allow us to enjoy the sport today! If you have any videos, pictures, or publications please post them! If anyone would like to share stories or thoughts of armwrestling of yesteryear please do so! Myself and many other people that are passionate about the sport would love to hear from any and all the legends of the sport!



Armwrestling videos and photos from the YouTube channel Armhub.

United States Armwrestling Association

The official facebook page for the USAA, who has been hosting top level events since 1985.

St. Louis Armwrestlers

Local midwest armwrestling information and promotion.

Armwrestlers ONLY

An open group devoted to all things related to the organized armwrestling.

News, advices, predictions. Ask and answer questions to help each other! Please be nice to each other and bring your friends to our Armwrestling family!


Ultimate Armwrestling League

The Ultimate Armwrestling League Is One of The Largest Organizations of It's Kind! ALL PULLERS Are WELCOME At UAL/UAL Affiliated Events!

PAL - Professional Armwrestling League

An official page of Professional Armwrestling League (PAL). Founded in 2001, PAL is an organization aimed to develop armwrestling as a sport discipline worldwide.

World Armwrestling League

Based in Chicago, the World Armwrestling League is the largest and fastest growing professional arm-wrestling league in the world, featuring intense matches, a high-energy and up-close fan experience, and the sport’s top superstars.

Pound for Pound Armwrestling

Pound for Pound Armwrestling brings you epic professional Armwrestling battles. 

XSportNews.com Armwrestling & more.

The official Facebook page for xsportnews.com

USAF - United States Armwrestling Federation

USAF, an umbrella association, was formed in 1998 with the hopes of uniting all Armwrestling and Wristwrestling organizations within the United States


World Armwrestling Federation WAF

The official Facebook page for the World Armwrestling Federation.

Armwrestling Memes

A page dedicated to the comedic side of the sport of armwrestling.

World Elite Armwrestling

The official page for the WEA.

National Armwrestling League

The official page for the NAL.