The Best Way to Test Your Skills is to Compete.

Don't be intimidated. There are almost always novice or amateur divisions so you can work your way up to the big dogs, and there's nothing like the rush you get from your first event.  Once you try it, you may get hooked! We'll give you the rundown so you will be well prepared and ready to register for the action!

FIND A TEAM TO TRAIN WITH!  They will help you be ready for the tables.

Step 1

You need to know the basics.  Jump over to our Beginner page and make sure you know the rules, and your way around the table. Understand bad positions.

Step 2

Search for an event in your area; there are many throughout the year all over the country.

Step 3

Choose your weight class.  It's good to be the big guy, but cutting too much weight could affect your performance, especially your endurance.

Step 4

Show up!  Be well rested, confident and be sure to warm up before you get called to the table. Try to get involved in the afterpull following the event.

Choose Your Events Wisely.

Good refereeing could mean the difference between a win and a loss, or a loss and and a broken arm. Good officials are able to spot disasters before they happen, and keep opponents from cheating and gaining an unfair advantage over you. It doesn't hurt to ask the director about who they have officiating before entering a tournament.

See URPA ranked officials HERE.

Most Events Run Double Elimination Brackets.

This means you will be able to lose twice for each entry before being removed from the tournament. These are almost always blind draw, so your placement is a matter of luck.

Do You Still Have a Question?

Feel free to ask us anything!  We're here to help.