(MA) Nuway Combat & American Armwrestler Series

NUWAY has been organizing nationwide wrestling tournaments for 20 years. They recently added Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Pankration, and now Armwrestling. We are also going to expose new fans, and better yet Combat Sports fans, to real Armwrestling!!
Date: June 17, 2023
Venue: M-Plex
Address: 31 Oxford Rd, Mansfield, MA 02048
You can pre-register at https://nuwaycombat.com/revolution/ … or the day of the event.
Early weigh-in’s – 7-9 pm (site TBA)
Day of 9:30-12:00 pm (event location)
3 lb Reasonable Clothing Allowance
Start Time: 1 pm
Men’s Pro (L&R) – 160, 185, 210, 235, 236+
Women Pro (L&R) – 160 & 161+
Masters (49+) (L&R) – 199 & 200+
Men’s Semi-Pro (L&R) – 160, 185, 220, 221+
Men’s AM (L&R) – 160, 185, 210, 235, 236+
Women’s AM (L&R) – Open Class
Men’s Novice (L&R) – Open Class
Kids & Teens (L&R) – TBD (Entries)
It is the responsibility of all competitors to know, understand and adhere to the rules in all competitions.
a) Weigh-ins will only occur during officially posted times, no more than 24 hours prior to the first day of competition.
b) Reasonable clothing allowance, 3 lbs.
c) Any competitor wearing an artificial limb may not remove the limb to weigh in.
a) The HR is responsible to know the rules of the event and attend the Referee Meeting at the event.
b) HR is responsible to conduct themselves in an unbiased and professional manner.
c) The HR or DR can be moved at will by the MR.
d) All match decisions confirmed by the HR are final.
a) The DR will watch for elbow fouls during a match as well as assist in assuring a fair start.
b) The DR will assist the HR in applying the strap after a slip.
4. Tournament Directors
a) The Tournament Directors will have the final say in any and all matters including disputes concerning matches.
a) Competitors have 60 seconds to report to the table when called or will forfeit that match.
b) The match will START IN A SET GRIP.
c) Wrist wraps, straps, elbow bandages/or cups, protective wraps, rings, or bangles are not permitted on the competing arm or hand. Nor any substance applied to the hand or wrist, except chalk.
d) In the event of a bleeding injury, a competitor MUST stop the bleeding to the referee’s satisfaction. Fingernails should be trimmed so as not to injure your opponent.
e) Any competitor exhibiting impairment due to alcohol, drugs or otherwise, may be disqualified from the competition.
f) Referees are not there to use force or wrestle with you. A referee will lightly touch competitor hands and wrists to see that they are properly aligned, wrists straight and arm centered to the tabletop, failure to comply will result in the competitor getting a foul.
g) There will be a hand width between the shoulder and forearm of each competitor as well as between the chin and hand prior to the start.
h) The referee has the authority to stop the match at any time. The match will be re-started with all fouls the occurred prior to the stop remaining in place for the restart.
i) Any competitor who leaves the competition area (platform and surrounding corners), either during the match or in the event of a rule discrepancy prior to any referee’s decision, will be immediately disqualified from that match and forfeit any appearance fee or bonus monies for that match.
j) Competitors can start a match in the strap or inset grip or inset grip in the strap if both agree to do this.
k) Competitor’s legs can be wrapped around the table leg or braced against an opposite table leg prior to the start of the match, providing they are not interfering with their opponent.
l) Each weight class will be called to the table when it comes to their turn to compete. They will be accounted for in the brackets. It is the responsibility of the competitors to remain within hearing range for their name to be called (see Rule 1 under this section).
m) Any equipment malfunctions (broken strap, elbow pad movement, etc.) deemed to have affected the outcome of a match will result in a restart with no change to accrued fouls or strap setups.
n) Matches will be stopped immediately if the referees determine the competitor (pertains mostly to AM’s) is in a dangerous position at any time during a match. Upon the 2nd stoppage, the competitor will be given a foul. Upon an additional stoppage, the competitor will be given a loss.
o) If it is determined that a competitor cannot continue to compete safely they could be disqualified from the event.
a) Competitors must keep one foot in contact with the floor at all times.
b) Competitors must keep the non-pulling hand in contact with the peg.
c) Competitors must follow all commands of the referee during the set.
d) Competitors must set their competing elbow on the elbow pad, square their shoulders.
e) Set Grip. The referee will center the hands on the table. The webbing between the thumb and index finger of the hand of each competitor will be level, close, and tightly set.
f) Competitors’ hands must be palm-to-palm, flat together, and with no separation, to the satisfaction of the referee. The referee Must be able to see the competitor’s thumb knuckles.
g) The referee will hold the competitor’s fingers while he gives the command “Close your thumbs.”
h) The referee will command the competitors to “Close your hands”
i) Competitors must keep their wrists straight when closing their thumbs and hands.
j) The referee will give the command “GO” to start the match in an unspecified cadence.
k) A thirty-second rest period may be permitted after a slip grip or foul upon the referee’s discretion.
a) A slip will be determined to have occurred when the competitors’ hands lose contact with the others during a match
b) All fouls accrued prior to the slip will continue forward into the strap setup
a) A bailout will be determined to have occurred when a competitor purposefully causes a slip while in a losing position (losing position is defined as being more than 2/3rd of the way down to the pin pad).
b) A bailout will be considered a LOSS
c) Both the HR & DR will make the determination between a slip & a bailout.
a) When straps are employed, the referees will instruct competitors to place their elbows on their respective elbow pads, place their hand’s palm to palm, fingers extended, and thumbs up.
b) The referee will always wrap the buckle side wrist first. When going around the last wrist the strap will be threaded above the strap on that wrist.
c) Competitors may ask to loosen it or move it if it is uncomfortable.
d) Only the referees can adjust the strap.
e) Jerking an opponent’s hand over the table, while in a strap, is a disqualification from the event.
a) When closing your hand, you cover your opponent’s thumb knuckle (Head Ref’s discretion on blatant foul or warning the 1st time).
b) After the command “Close your hands” and prior to “GO,” any movement of the hand/wrist/arm, will be considered a False Start (Head Ref’s discretion on blatant foul or warning the 1st time).
c) Touching any part of the body such as chin, shoulder, or head to the competing hands.
d) The elbow losing contact with the top of the elbow pad at any time during the match.
e) If one foot is not in contact with the floor during the match.
f) If a competitor attempts to delay a match by not staying at the table or refusing to take a grip.
g) Poor sportsmanship may result in a foul.
h) Losing contact with the peg with a non-competing hand.
i) Intentionally moving your opponent off-center after “Close your Hands” – example: Back Pressure.
j) Competitors cannot drop the competing shoulder below the level of the elbow pad when in any position. Winning, neutral or losing.
k) Lifting your elbow off the pad while being placed in a strap or after being placed in a strap.
l) Intentionally attempting to cause a foul for their opponent, i.e. shoving of the elbow.
m) Failure to comply with the referee’s instructions.
n) A competitor receiving any 3 fouls will result in a LOSS OF A MATCH
o) Physically pushing, punching, kicking, spitting, or threatening an opponent or ref with bodily harm is a disqualification from the event.
a) Fouls will be announced LOUDLY during the match, but DO NOT STOP ARM WRESTLING.
b) If competitor “A” commits a foul then competitor “A” pins their opponent it will result in a stop/restart with the foul rolling over to the next pull.
c) If competitor “A” commits a foul then competitor “B” pins their opponent it will result in a Win for “B.”
d) If competitor “A” commits a foul then competitor “A” commits another foul, they continue to accumulate until 3 fouls/loss.
e) If competitor “A” commits a foul then competitor “B” commits a foul the match will be “LIVE MATCH” with either competitor capable of winning on a pin. BOTH fouls will still count.
f) Once any foul is called, that competitor must correct the foul immediately or they will continue to accrue fouls.
g) Any simultaneous fouls by both competitors will result in Stop/Restart with NO fouls.
12. PIN
a) A pin occurs when part of the hand (wrist to fingertip) touches the pin pad/line or goes beneath the level of the pin pad/line.
b) A winning pin can occur anywhere on the table. For instances where the pin is not at the pin pad, hand and wrist control as well as offensive movements will be considered.
c) Once a pin is called the match is over. Continuing to exert force after a pin could result in disqualification from the event.
a) Stoppage for a video review must take place immediately after the match and before the next match proceeds.
b) Video review will only be used in the final four of a class.
c) Video review will only be used if the technology is present to be applied equally to each match in a given class.
d) All reviews will be conducted by the referees and/or the Tournament Directors.
a) All competitor disputes must be taken to a Tournament Director as soon as possible.
b) The TD will have final say on all decisions and no appeal process shall be available.


Jun 17 2023


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 17 2023
  • Time: 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm




31 Oxford Rd., Mansfield, Massachusetts, 02048


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