Learn from Devon Larratt

In this in-depth interview, world champion arm wrestler Devon Larratt joins Skip Bedell in Las Vegas to shows you how he annihilates the competition!

This is a MUST WATCH for anyone new to the sport!

Advice for Beginners

Some quick advice for the novice armwrestler from the all-time great Todd Hutchings.

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Handbook for Beginners

An article by Will "Armbender" Sarty covering FAQ's, Tips and Tricks, Training at the Gym and Making Weight.

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Safety First

Allen Fisher explains the arm-break position and how to stay safe while on the table.

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Armwrestling Tips from John Brzenk

A collection of his best advice over the years, edited and organized. Educational for all armwrestlers.

For those unfamiliar with John, he is generally considered to be the greatest armwrestler of all time. A 26-time world champion. He was born in 1964.

The Official Rules of Armwrestling

Although there are other sets of regulations, the World Armwrestling Ferderation rules are the industry standard. Be sure to read through them, it will not only help you understand the sport better, but also win more matches.

Arm Wrestling Secrets

This channel provides the most in-depth video series on arm wrestling techniques in the world.  12 part series!

You can find the entire series right here!

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