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This site, built by Armwrestling Historian Eric Roussin, is dedicated to telling the stories of how the sport of armwrestling has evolved from a basic test of strength to an organized sport currently practiced in more than 70 countries around the globe.  You will NOT find this amount of armwrestling history anywhere else.

Armwrestlers ONLY

An open group devoted to all things related to organized armwrestling, including news, advice and predictions.

Latest results, news, upcoming events, training tips, rankings & more!  Where armwrestlers discuss...EVERYTHING!

Armwrestling Nostalgia

This group is dedicated to the men and woman that helped to make the sport what it is today! Armwrestling has evolved through the years and we should remember the historical efforts, determination, and hard work that the legends of the sport have put forth to allow us to enjoy the sport today! If you have any videos, pictures, or publications please post them! If anyone would like to share stories or thoughts of armwrestling of yesteryear please do so! We would love to hear from any and all the legends of the sport!

Armwrestling Memes

A page dedicated to the comedic side of the sport of armwrestling.  No room for anyone with thin skin in this group - NO ONE is safe! - Armwrestling & more

This website is one of the most comprehensive armwrestling news sites available today and contains worldwide coverage of all aspects of the sport.

Global Armwrestling

All important stuff about armwrestling:
*Events    (WE will promote YOUR event!)

Armwrestling TV

Mainly a facebook hub for the YouTube channel of AlexToproll, this page contains excellent event coverage and comments.

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